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Their marriage may not have worked out, but Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are clearly in this friendship for the long haul.

E! News has exclusively learned the actor has reached out to his estranged wife since she left her nearly monthlong stint in rehab last week and that the duo has been in contact.

After she completed her treatment, Demi quietly and briefly returned to her Beverly Hills home, spending just a few days in Los Angeles before embarking on a recuperative vacation to Turks and Caicos.

It was during that brief window that she received a visit from Kutcher.

He came to her house to see her for about an hour and a half,” a source told E! News.

However the visit, which took place on Feb. 25 at Demi’s home, wasn’t a one-on-one encounter, as Ashton was accompanied by three male friends.

And though they’re back in contact, the couple is showing no signs that they’ll be falling back into old romantic habits, as a source says that a reconciliation is unlikely to happen. But that doesn’t mean Ashton may not drop by her home again in the future.

Kutcher’s departure from their once-shared home last November was indeed abrupt and as a result he still has some belongings in the home, which accounts for his occasional return to the pad.

But while it would seem he remains on friendly terms with his ex, not all the Moore women are quite so receptive to his charms. The source tells E! News that Demi’s daughters are “no longer close” to their former stepdad.